Disney Channel against cyberbullying Cyberbullying affects children on the Internet every day. We decided to change it in cooperation with Disney Channel and Nobody’s Children Foundation – a non-profit organization working towards the goals of protecting children from abuse and providing help for abused children, their families as well as their caregivers. As a part of the campaign we launched a video clip with Marika, a well-known polish singer, who performed a song written by one of the young Disney Channel fans. Our clip has three parts: the world full of hate and sadness, a phase where Marika touches a “hate-fish” and, as a consequence, animation filled with vivid colors. The idea is simple, it’s easy to bully somebody online, but it’s better to add a friend instead.

Crative: Anna Wójcikowska, Piotr Krzysztofik, Bartosz Biały
Illustration: Małgorzata Bieroza
Singer: Marika - Marta Kossakowska
Music Co-Composer: Robert Żelazko
Author of the lyrics: Kamila Zielińska 
Actress: Paulina Milewska, Oskar Jarzombek
Kalina i Jagoda
Dir: Małgorzata Suwała
Dop: Marcin Łaskawiec
Edit: Paweł Turchan
Animation Dir: Anna Caban, Bartosz Morawski
2d animation: Piotr Goździejewski, Borysław Georgijew
3d animation: Anna Caban
Vfx Supervisor/compositing: Bartosz Morawski
Account Manager: Martyna Gołębiewska
Production: Marta Kartasińska
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